Oh my! The Angry Birds are in town

AnGrY BiRd cupcakes ni actually was made on the request of my youngest son Amir. Dia minat sangat dengan birdies so Mama had to please him. Alhamdulillah first attempt pun menjadi :) which made Amir so very HaPPy. Ini lah hasilnye .....
One Angry Bird for each of the family member - Papa, Mama,
Abg Faris, Abg Imran, Kakak Nurina & Amir!

Oh myyyy! Garang betul burung ni tapi kiut!

Flavor these cupcakes were : Chocolate with Choc Chips. Kalau combination Chocolate & Strawberry pun sedap ... (strawberry topping from KHM Strawberries Cameron Highlands memang sedap!)


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