It's been a while since i last updated my blog. Been a bit bz with work as well as been receiving a lot of orders lately. Alhamdulillah been getting orders almost every week... Not only for cakes and cuppies but also for chocolates and sushi! Yup! I roll my own sushi. Asalnya untuk anak2 je tapi bila kawan2 dah tau & dah rasa orders keep coming in. I make the Korean version - kibimbap. There're bigger than the Japaneese sushi. Dua minggu yang lepas pun sibuk sekejap menyiapkan hantaran untuk kawan. Yesssss! another passion of mine.
                       I like all things nice with sugar and spice! 

wait for my update with photos (while i try to find where i put the cable ....) Ada a few ANGRY BIRDS, CARROT CAKE as well as RED VELVETS Sweet Roz special recipe :D


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