Wedding Cakes - 3 tiered Red Velvet

Who would've thought I'd be doing wedding cakes one day - a 3 tiered cake apparently! Ini lah yg dinamakan rezeki ... This cake was ordered by Prof Halijah from UM who was my supervisor when I was doing my postgraduate studies. Prof requested for a 10" + 8" + 6" red velvet cakes. So what I did was the 1st layer (10") was the original recipe (with cocoa powder) and the other 2 tiers SweetRoz's specialty red velvet (with strawberry puree). Somehow I prefer the strawbeery puree with the red color of the cake :D

Did u know that the RED COLOUR in the Red Velvet cake actually was from the reaction of the acidity of vinegar & buttermilk in the recipe with the red anthocyanin (an antiOxidant) in the cocoa powder. But now red color is being used because the Dutch processed cocoa powder commercially available are alkaline, so the reaction doesn't work anymore ... enuf of the science let's see how the cake turned out :

the wedding theme was lilac so i used purple & pink sugarflowers
Close up of the 1st (11") & 2nd tier (9")

The 3rd tier (6")


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