Home-made HALAL sushi/kimbap

Another favorite food of mine n the kids are sushi @ Korean Kimbap. There's not much difference except that sushi are usually small & dainty while the Kimbap are rolled bigger in size. It's considered a healthy snack (good for those weight watchers). The condiments are usually raw - cucumber, carrots, pickled radish except for the main fillings. Choice of tuna (in olive oil), crabsticks and omelette. The nori @ seaweed sheets are HALAL (suitable for vegetarian).

Sushi/Kimbap yang tidak halal boleh disebabkan oleh cuka (selalunya ada alcohol) yang digunakan (di letak dalam nasi sushi), filling (mungkin menggunakan daging) serta sos/kicap mencicah. The vinegar used in SweetRoz's sushi are natural rice vinegar which is sometimes hard to find in the market (so I usually buy a big bottle). 1 roll sushi akan dpt dlm 8-10 potong (depends on size potongan)

1 packet = 1 roll harganya RM7

Kimbap @ maki with tuna, carrot, cucumber, crabstick

California roll with masago (fish roe) on the outside
1 packet = 1 roll = RM10
(mahal sikit sbb fish roe harganya agak tinggi & susah nak dapat)

Pada yang tak pernah makan sushi & ingin mencuba, sila la ode melalui email SweetRozkitchen@gmail.com atau sms @ 012-2058255. Lepas dah cuba pasti nak lagi! Sushi ni sebaiknya di buat & di makan pada hari yang sama. So kalau nak order please let me know 2,3 days in advance and when you want to pick it up. Delivery only if the quantity ordered is big. Ex-colleagues SweetRoz di SIRIM memang selalu order sushi ni, yg tak penah makan sushi sekarang ni dah jadi favorite.

If you plan to have a small party serving Japanese food, other dishes available are - udon/soba (with sweet soy sauce & condiments), teppanyaki (choice of fish, prawn, cuttlefish, chicken, beef, salmon accompanied with vegetables) and tempura

Halal, Bersih, Suci


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