Cupcake class for kids

Cuti sekolah baru-baru ni SweetRoz kitchen adakan class deco cupcake untuk kanak-kanak berumur 9 tahun ke atas. Location : Mdm Roz's kitchen of course. Actually 4 students signed up but one of the sister was down with fever so I had 2 students - Amira & Alia. Thanks to their mom Azrin who sent them to learn all about cupcakes

The class started with the sisters helping me with a batch of chocolate cupcakes followed by making the frosting, coloring, filling piping bag with frosting & the fun part - deco time! Tengok lah hasilkerja adik-beradik ni ... and guess what?? Amira did a pattern yg auntie pun tak penah buat! hehe TQ for the idea Amira. Hope they had fun! :D

Mula-mula belajar basic pattern atas board. lepas tu baru start hias cupcakes
 Tekun menghias cuppies - Sesame street (Elmo, Cookie Monster), Angry bird

Hasil kerja Alia

Part of Amira's decorated cuppies


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