Durian durian

Tis the season! Durians galore :D dari makan fresh (berbiji-biji!), kuah durian ngan pulut ... I decide to make durian pie like Mom's (tapi sampai ke hari ni tak dpt perfect like Mom's with her short crust pastry so I opted for little dainty durian tarts instead. Yes u heard it Tarts! Yummylicious!

Boleh tempah sementara masih musim durian. Size tart 4.5 cm diameter. Cukup-cukup sekali makan :D Minimum order 25pcs, RM45


Adline Writes said…
Thanks for visiting my blog Roz :) Do try kitchen composting, it's so easy to do. I love your blog, it's so sweet and you're really good at baking :)

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