Rainbow Cake - Euro 2012 theme

Rainbow cake dengan frosting Lemony Italian meringue buttercream ni di tempah Azrin (SweetRoz's all time fav customer) Thank you! Azrin request soccer theme cake for her sweetheart's birthday since it's the Euro fever. This recipe only uses egg whites which supposedly do justice to your hips while enjoying the cake hehe (well did it?) Hope the family enjoyed it .... here are photos of the cake and also photos courtesy from Azrin (to show how the cake looks when sliced)

I really like this pic. Nampak sangat wow!
The heart signs are made of white chocolate
(photos courtesy of Azrin)

Kalau berminat nak tempah cake macam ni saiz kek 7", tinggi lebih kurang 4.5", frosting : Lemony Italian Meringue buttercream, pada layer warna merah SweetRoz tambah strawberry puree sebelum di salut dengan frosting, berat kek ~ 1.8 kg (kek sahaja 1.3 kg). Harga RM90 (bergantung kepada pilihan frosting). Pilihan yang ada - buttercream, vanilla bean buttercream, Lemony Italian Meringue buttercream @ apa-apa pilihan lain


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