Kid's birthday!

July is the month of birthdays in the family. Bermula dengan anak bongsu Amir pd 1hb, yours truly 3hb dan satu-satunya gegurl Nurina pd 21hb. Amir requested for his favorite(s) - too many favs! cartoon character on the cake dr Pocoyo & the gang, Sesame Street, Boboiboy, Little Einsteins dll. At last mama Roz decided to bake Tayo the little blue bus vanilla & strawberry cake :D Roz lebih suka buat buttercream frosting compared to fondant sbb rasa fondant mcm membazir je ... memang lah cantik tapi usually tak di makan because too sugary (anyway that's my own preferences) Ni lah akhirnya hasil kek Amir (my first attempt buat shaped cake)
TAYO the little blue bus

Oreos as wheels

Tayo the little blue bus amongst the other giant birthday cakes :D

Though the other cakes were bigger but the kids were excited seeing little Tayo :D

My gegurl pulak request Mango & Chocolate cake with her Mr.Mooze as the theme. Mr.Mooze ni is her cow handkerchief that she brings almost everywhere) Memandangkan birthday Nurina jatuh pd hari pertama Ramadhan and bcoz dia nak jemput kawan2 dia so we had it a week earlier

Bday girl dgn kawan2 - Azua, Ayuni & Syafiah


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