NEW! Layered cake

NEW from SweetRoz kitchen. Layered cake with vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream.

In this pic, layered cake with Strawberry - Hawaiian coconut - Vanilla and decked with bright flowers. I colored the layers bright red and a lighter red shade and left the vanilla flavored layer uncolored (was in a color ombre mood *peeps*). The bright red layer is strawberry with strawberry paste while the lighter red is with hawaiian coconut. The yellowish layer is vanilla (to compliment the other two flavors). I would say the combination of strawberry and the chunkiness of hawaiian coconut makes a delightful combination. This flavor would be loved by the middle to old generation *wink*

The vanilla flavored Swiss Meringue buttercream is light, less sweet yet creamy.

5 layered cake
strawberry - coconut - vanilla - strawberry - coconut

The completed look
decked with colorful flowers

Like what u see?
Sesuai sebagai hantaran majlis pertunangan/perkahwinan
Juga sebagai kek sambutan harijadi 

This is how the layers look

Other good combination would be strawberry - chocolate / strawberry - lemon

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